Matthias Tanzmann

Matthias Tanzmann

German electronic Music DJ, recording artist and label owner of Moon Harbour Recordings

Matthias Tanzmann Matthias Tanzmann

Matthias Tanzmann

For all of Matthias Tanzmann’s achievements, the future is showing even further excitement and evolutionary growth. He is known as a global leader of the Tech House scene and is synonymous with Moon Harbour, his influential and soon-to-be 25-year-old record label that has already put out over 100 vinyl releases and more than 200 digital tracks. Like Matthias who first broke through as a DJ at the end of the 1990s, it constantly evolves, adapts and leads the scene from the front.

Both he and Moon Harbour have stayed true to the signature sound that first stood him apart. They never fail to bring new ideas to the dance floor and constantly evolve with the culture. Along the way, there have been countless seminal moments. From his early residency at Leipzig’s cult Distillery Club to his first releases on Steve Bug’s Dessous label and Freude Am Tanzen in 1998 and 1999 via the infamous Moon Harbour showcases at major events including Miami Music Week, Amsterdam Dance Event, Barcelona’s 'Off Sonar' and the leading clubs of Ibiza over the last 20 years. Furthermore he is an integral collaborative member of the super group, Better Lost Than Stupid, alongside Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich. This ground-breaking trio performs all over the world from London, Ibiza, Miami to Dubai. Together they released the acclaimed full length album Wild Slide and accompanying remix album.

Whenever he plays, Matthias locks his global audience into his winding and hypnotic grooves for hours on end, always ramping up the pressure and keeping dancers on their toes. He has consistently performed as a resident for almost 15 years at Ibiza's wildest and the most cutting-edge Circoloco party at DC10. He also plays in demand back-to-back sets with partner in crime Davide Squillace and is regarded as one of the favourite players at the infamous ANTS events at Ushuaia Ibiza. In between those regular gigs and picking up several DJ Award nominations, he is on a constant tour of the world's most celebrated clubs and events from Elrow to Solid Grooves to Music On.

Founded in 2000 and followed by sub-label Cargo Edition in 2006, Moon Harbour Recordings has been a vehicle for much of his music over the years, though it has also been responsible for bringing through plenty of next-generation talents. Matthias Tanzmann has served up three solo albums on his own label - Restless in 2008, Momentum in 2016 and the far-reaching Round And Round album in 2019. Each one shows how he brings colour and narrative to his music through the careful layering of percussion and the teasing out of deft sound designs to make for moments of real dance floor drama. Whether working solo or in collaboration with the likes of Steve Bug, Black Circle or Daniel Stefanik, the key for Matthias is to never stop evolving, asking questions and exploring new ground. Furthermore as a keen contributor to the industry and passing on to the new generation, Matthias shared his vast knowledge with a unique production masterclass in collaboration with Mixmasters in Ibiza in 2023.

As a remixer, Matthias also brings an in-demand signature sound for the likes of Jamie Jones, Dennis Cruz, Moby or Booka Shada. His Remixes 2002-2012 compilation showcased his adeptness and adaptability, and he has further cemented his legacy as a definitive DJ with seminal mix CDs for revered series like Cavo Paradiso Mykonos in 2010, Circoloco in 2008 and 2011, fabric London in 2012, and several times for Moon Harbour.

What started as an obsessive hobby back in Leipzig became a globe-trotting profession. Importantly, though, Matthias Tanzmann has always retained the sense of fun and inquisition that motivated him back then. That shows in the tracks he continues to skillfully craft, whether deep and moody for cozy backrooms, or more raw and jacked up for the main room. From his sets to his productions via the music he A&R for Moon Harbour, Matthias Tanzmann blends a deep understanding of dance music dynamics with a burning desire to keep things moving forward.

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